Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rollerskate Girl

I did this today at school. Everything's graded (at least until finals next week), and everyone is working on projects. Not much for me to do. I spent part of the day working of stuff for next year, but then it seemed like a perfect opportunity for picture-making. I've been wanting to get some pictures to submit to a small children's magazine that only uses pen and ink stuff. I was on-file for them a number of years ago, but they never gave me an assignment. So I figure it's time to start sending them samples again.

I won't send this because it's done with a fine point sharpie marker on printer paper--not ideal by any means, but I had fun doing it. I may transfer the image to better paper, and use a better kind of pen and ink to do it again (and fix some of the perspective wierdnesses). But I'm happy to be making pictures again....


  1. oh!! god! this drawing is fantastic!

  2. Charming, and the face is lovely, I think the only problem is the one shoe being a bit big.