Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Illustration Friday: Round

Our society values stick-thin people. Hardly anyone real is stick-thin. Most people are rounder, if not completely round. But roundness is no reason not to live one's life. Here is one such person, who played during dinner at a marvelous weekend event. No one there cared one way or the other about how thin or not a person was. People danced, made music, talked, and generally loved being alive.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Second new sketchbook this year!

Way cool--to start two new sketchbooks in one year. I'm not drawing in it everyday, but mostly every week, and it makes me really happy.

So here's another "skewed" sketch, but there's something wrong with his nose (beyond the inevitable "skewing"). Alas.

But I really like this new sketchbook. It's really really sturdy, and the paper is really thick and really smooth--both very important. I don't know why they sell all these sketchbooks with cheap or rough paper, because I don't like touching them, much less drawing on them. Smooth is where it's at.....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two in one day

I'm not entirely sure I like the direction these are going in, but it does seem to be what's happening these days. They're feeling too fussy, somehow. But all of the reference photos are my own--yeah!--so if I ever become famous I can legally sell these pieces (haha). I've been wanting to do that too (take my own reference photos, not sell my pieces--who'd want them anyway. I donated one to a silent auction, and it went for $10, and I was really bummed, because the person who got it probably never even did anything with it; I mean, who would, with something you bought for $10. It's better to just give drawings away to friends, who somehow, miraculously, still have them up on the wall 25 years later). There are so many interesting faces out there, and I'd like to draw them all. But they require some pretty particular kind of lighting (not that this one has it, but the last one did). So of course I should take my own reference photos.

Skewed Sketch--Fiddler

This doesn't capture it at all, but it's an attempt. I don't know where the days are going, that I'm not able to find time to do any art projects.....