Monday, September 23, 2013

29 Faces in September--#24 - #26

This is #23 again.  I just had to recut it since part of the last one bugged me so much.  I think, though, that I am cutting too deep.  All the little squarish parts seem too fragile, but I'm cutting really deep.

This is #24, and I did it the same day that I did #23 (on Saturday).  It's an experimental image for the color-reduction block that I'm going to do for my print-making class.  I really kindof like this and have a good idea in my head what I will do with it for the color-reduction (which you can see in a week or so....).

This is #25, a much simpler image that the others have been.  I'm getting close to being done for my major project (20 small ones that I will print all together, and 12 larger ones that I will print all together) that I am really eager to finish.

This is #26, which I tried not to cut so deep.  It's much easier to do the grays when you only cut lightly.  It still needs some cleaning up.

I went to a print fair at the Arts Center on Saturday, and saw a whole bunch of absolutely stunning work from local and not-so-local printmakers.  I even bought a print.  But one of the things that struck me was how detailed some of the linocuts were.  They weren't making huge deep gouges to get all that detail.  So I tried that, and it works!


  1. More fantastic art work! I really like #23. He looks like he's shouting words. Very cool.

  2. Awesome!! You are such an artist!! I love these linocuts. My favorite is 26; so lovely detailed :-)
    xxx Marianne

  3. Once again, every one of these is stunning, and I'm amazed at the detail you achieve in such tiny prints. The first two make me think of modern-day gods of the wind, and I love the impact of the 'simple' starkness of the next one. The last one actually looks like a wood cut, lovely. You leave me breathless.
    I'm stuck for time for a little while, but I want to catch up on the work I have missed, so I'll be back. And I also now need to look up terms like 'colour reduction' on prints.
    Thank you for your wonderful comments on my 29 Faces, they do so much for my morale.

  4. Your prints are fantastic! Its amazing how much character and expression you create in your work:)

  5. Again tremendous pictures! I admire.

  6. I'm still lovin' these prints and I just scrolled back to the beginning and enjoyed the journey. I see steady "improvement" and I enjoy your sharing of the experiences and lessons along the way.

    This dedicated approach of working with a single technique is very inspiring. I haven't done this in a long while and you've got me revisiting this idea … a great way to learn new technique, style, approach, etc. Thanks for that~

  7. What marvelous faces. I think they are all marvelous. Your goal of taking your own photographs for faces is a good one. Do hope you are able to do this. But whatever the source, the faces you cut will be wonderful.

  8. Wow! Number 26 is very impressive! What I find compelling are the grey areas - the lines don't look same e.g. in the forehead and the jaw, and that makes it interesting to study. It also has a great contrast with total black & white of the #25. Both of them I like quite much.

    And I can't leave without mentioning that #23 got a lot cooler with the recut!

  9. Absolutely wonderful! Love your style. It has this depth and character to it. I love how it has a story behind each piece. Wonderful!