Saturday, February 1, 2014

Other ridiculous things that don't really work

I have some ideas in my head--but how to execute them?  This is definitely NOT the way, but then, you can't ever know until you try something out.

Although I love some things about colored tissue paper, I think ultimately it's too frustrating to work with.

This one I like a little better, because of all the "stuff" that's going on, but this whole out-the-mouth idea is dumb.  I think I'd like this one more if I just made it plain black immediately around her head, including her mouth.


  1. trial and error ... we all are going this way.... it is always good to try new paths....Exploring new horizons.
    Nice to see your experimenting

  2. They make me think of a scene in the movie The Green Mile, based on a Stephen King book, where a character sucks out evil from one person and then breathes it into a bad person.
    So that makes me view them as a bit unsettling
    BUT as artworks they are interesting, and we only develop through experiment, and they will lead somewhere new.
    I shall try something with tissue paper later this month for 29 Faces challenge.

  3. I agree with Jez, these are unsettling. I like the texture you achieved and the fine ink lines. Kudos to you for trying new stuff.