Monday, December 16, 2013

Lino Faces #55 - #57

I think I'm ready to do something else for awhile.  I'm nowhere near to my goal of 100 of these, but I'm CRAVING a more fluid medium, something where I can have more subtlety.   
I'm thinking of going back to pen and ink with ink washes, or even those gouache and ink resist drawings, with pen and ink over them.  Charcoal?  Pencil?  Ball point pen?

I really like these, except this one right here--the third one--which didn't work very well, but I want to DRAW!

What this has forced me to do was see differently, and now with this last one, a whole new direction of the linoprints is suggesting itself.....


  1. I was delighted to see you posted again some lino-cuts. I really enjoy them and I think it's amazing how many different styles and faces you make. Awesome!!!
    xxx Marianne

  2. Through looking at your lino-prints you have made ME see differently, and that is always a good thing. Your use of line always leaves me breathless, it so expressive and unlike anyone else's I have seen. I love the second one with the lines following her line of vision, and she looks such a happy person. You don't like the third one, but it appeals to me, the way the lines move in all different directions gives it such liveliness and movement.
    Well ….. no I can't wait to see your drawings and being inspired to 'look' in yet another way. I've learnt so much from you.
    I hope you and yours have a happy and peaceful Christmas holiday time.

  3. I love the second one. You found JKPP through my Illustration friday post...I found linocut trough you. I start today with my first one. But I have very basic equipment...let's see how it comes out. :-)