Friday, December 6, 2013

Bad Acid? (More Intaglio Explorations)

 Oh, these are bad scans.  The paper wasn't quite flat, so only the parts that are flat on the scanner bed are in focus.  But it's getting late (6:17 am), and I need to go walk the dog, so I don't have time to rescan them right now.

But I LOVED the line drawing of David, and I had to go aquatint the whole thing, and while I like the result, it's not the same drawing at all.

But I'm thinking something is the matter with either the acid or the ground, because here is another line drawing etched for 30 minutes, and the lines are really nice.  But if I etch them for longer, the ground disappears between the lines, and it gets all spready.

So I aquatinted this one too.  It still needs some work.

And here's the one that I thought should have been black when I over-etched it last week, but wasn't.  So this one is aquatinted pretty heavily, with some light areas burnished back in.


  1. These are very artistic portraits. My fav is still the last one. What a lovely white beard!
    xxx Marianne

  2. i think these faces are wonderful!
    the last one catches me the most... light and depth of character i feel in it.

  3. Hahaha, I love your heading. The first one is beautiful; I get such a sense of *personhood* and character from it--and I love-love-love the progression on the last (which, as you know, I liked even before).

  4. wow these looke great, you have a wonderful sense of design, really born out in the lino cuts and much more subtle in these but still there. Your work has really gathered momentum since my last visit. Keep it up, you'll be able to fill three floors of a gallery with wonderful images soon. Hope you are well, and apologies for my absynthe :) talking about bad acid! see you!