Friday, May 31, 2013

More rust people

So there are rules....These are the ones for this rusty paper.  The images emerge from the rust itself.  I don't pre-plan them, but look at the paper, and see what kinds of folks are there.  Sometimes I lightly sketch one out with pencil, but then when I come back to it later (a different day, even), it's someone else there, and I go with that.  And then I use a dip pen, with the same nib, and black India ink.  I so want to use some kind of black wash, but that's not in the boundaries.

So if these people look a bit skewed, know that that's the way they came out of the rust.  All of them are "doodles", in that I just played around with the forms.  No models here.


  1. Wow these are inspiring!!!!

  2. Awesome texture, wonderful figures! <3

  3. Isn't wonderful how chaos can be turned into order - Do you know Frottage? Max Ernst used to start some of his work by rubbing pencil against paper on rough floor boards and then taking it from there - Now I have some beautiful water colour paper with inbuilt foxing, maybe I could use that!