Friday, June 7, 2013

Getting close to the end

I'm getting near the end of my rusted paper.  I think there are three more after this.  I realize that I started with the most striking pieces of paper in the beginning (of course), and with these last ones, it's harder to coax images out of them, because they're not jumping right out at me.

I'm already thinking about making some more rust paper......and if I do, I can set different rules.  Like maybe using washes instead of all these lines.....


  1. I love these...particularly fond of the bottom one..the depth of rust is amazing. I want to do one of these now I'll have to look up your process!

  2. Such an interesting series. I particularly like the top one, which just goes to show you can't please everybody all the time. Keep drawing!

  3. Beautiful illustrations with limited colors.