Thursday, April 19, 2012

Puzzle Solved

I've been having a wrist/hand problem.  There's a lump on the top of my right wrist, and it's been hurting to bend my hand down.  And last night while I was sketching, I figured out why--It's from the hatching I do with my technical pens.  It's a repetitive motion kind of thing, and we're talking thousands of little strokes.  I've been doing it like crazy on all my drawings, and it's caught up with me, I guess.  I experimented some with different hand positions, which I do use, but the painful one is one of my main ones.  I've decided that I need to give it a rest (I've noticed this going on for over a month now), and use a different medium that's kinder on my joints for awhile.

So here is my last technical pen drawing for awhile.  We'll see what the days ahead bring.

And I had just embarked on a get-over-not-being-able-to-put-people-in-any-kind-of-setting hangup, and start drawing PLACES as well as people.  This isn't much of a place, but at least there some of it.....


  1. My wrists and joints used to swell from doing murals. There are hand braces you can buy at the local drug store which may help you.

    Your work is wonderful!

  2. I think all that moves are my fingers themselves. My hand and wrist stays immobile, so I think it's the tendons or whatever inside my hand that are getting inflamed. I think I'm going to try out brushes for awhile, but I can't do them during meetings.....

  3. I really like the energy of this piece, particularly where the cross-hatching dissolves to the contour line...splendid!

    Thanks for your kind comments. I 'lost you' too - so I took time to see your recent entries...always enjoy your mix of line work and ink.

    I developed a similar lump on my wrist years ago, but it is on my left (non-drawing) hand. An injury I suffered when I did more sculpture. You have my sympathy for sure, it is most unpleasant and I hope you find a comfortable work-around solution soon.