Monday, April 9, 2012

Most horrid picture ever

This is the second swamp picture, and I can't even begin to say in how many ways this is a horrible picture (if you want to see a better swamp picture, look at the previous one). Today I was how can I make a HAPPY swamp picture? A BEAUTIFUL swamp picture? A LIFE AFFIRMING swamp picture?

That will be next.

This guy is hollering. I wouldn't call it vocal. I'd call it pre-vocal. I'm going to borrow Lisa Graham's story from the last one:

"he's a ticked off the swamp...screaming at his kids who are flinging mud all over him. He was just trying to tie his the picnic...then he sunk into the mud...and the kids thought it was there they went...taking advantage of poor old dad."

Plus, he's being attacked by mosquitos. Nobody likes that, right?

Of course, nobody likes to be drawn badly, either. This reminds me of the long-ago days when I used to model for the art department. I LOVED modeling. I could get into all sorts of weird, twisted poses (for the short ones), ones that I would have loved to have drawn myself. But I would get MAD when people made bad drawings of me. I was giving them a GIFT of a good pose, and they were wasting it. Well....I've wasted this guy's image. I'll have to do another one. Sorry, guy.


  1. He's got a great face, and I really like the hatching. But it's creepy! Very curious to see the life-affirming swamp picture. :D

  2. It's not so horrid...he looks exactly like a mosquito-bitten mad dad who is stuck in mud!

  3. Poor poor dad. Dang mosquitoes.

    You still draw amazingly. I don't see bad anywhere here.

    I am so thrilled you like my story. : )

  4. He looks a wee bit upset.....and quite vocal!! Not bad at all in my opinion!

  5. OK, I am going to take up for him, for I understand how he feels! Once you're stuck in that (literal of figurative) mud, your face just kinds of follow the predicament;-) I think it is a very interesting and worthy piece!