Friday, March 16, 2012

Illustration Friday: Yield

Okay, so I didn't make it before the next week's topic was posted, but I STARTED it during the proper week. Parent-teacher conferences just took too much of my time.

But "yield"--I think of all the times in one's life when one has to just stop fighting and go with the flow. Childbirth is one of them, but there are a whole lot more where resistance will get you no where. You have to just let go. That's what these two people are doing. They are flowing with the universe. It enters them, and they channel it through their own uniqueness, but they're not controlling it at all.

I seek to be more like that. More here in the "now" and going with the flow of the moment. Resistance causes stress. Stomach-aches and head-aches. And it's pointless, because the rest of the world will just go on the way it was going in the first place. Of course I believe that what I do makes a difference, that the world is a better place because I am here, but I am aware of my sphere of influence....

But is this better as a vertical or a horizontal?


  1. I love this drawing and your words, they are so true and they speak to me right now, in a time of my life when I really need to learn to go with the flow.
    I like the horizontal version better (more corresponding to the idea of letting go, in my opinion).

  2. I think horizontal is water, vertical is fire. I prefer horizontal, though. Very nice.

    1. That's what I was thinking too.....


  3. I think horizontal works best...for yield. This is one of the best for the topic, I think. It is very evocative!

  4. This is beautiful--they are like fairies or other ethereal beings. I love it in both orientations, love their flowing limbs and grace.

  5. I have to agree...horizontal seems relaxed...great work of Art!