Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dance weekend buttons

One nice thing about making things digitally, on the computer, is that the dog can't chew them up. He doesn't chew shoes, or socks, or gloves, or books, or musical instruments, but for some reason he likes watercolor paper, and no matter how well I feel I've put things away, he pulls out those pieces of paper and shreds them. Or at least partially shreds them. I have a lot of things now with corners missing. And I'm completely missing two pieces. I don't know where he's taken them, unless he's completely eaten them, leaving not even a scrap of paper.

But he can't do that with these.

I've made buttons for our local dance weekend for the past several years. Usually I do drawings, and then scan them and add the type. This time I did it all on the computer. It was actually really fun.

As I was looking for images of leaves on Google Images, I thought "This is really stupid--it's fall and there are a gazillion beautiful leaves out there." So I got some and scanned them. MUCH more satisfying.

The different colors are for different folks--all weekend people, part-time people, and then the band and board members.

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  1. Hey Theresa thye look great. It's amazing how well you are doing with your new chosen medium. the beauty of layers and the undo button really takes beating I think -

    see you when I get back from blogaholdays :)