Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rocks in the stream

This is one of several "experimental" plates.  This one I made on black matte-board, which was a mistake, because I had no idea how much ink was still on it when I was wiping it.  The white lines here are glue, and they had dried translucent, so they looked black too on the plate.  Wiping it was pure guesswork, but I got it right--I really really like this print.

And below is my impasse picture, printed again with less ink wiped off.  I'm not sure which way I prefer--this one or the lighter one.


  1. I really *love* that first one. The second is cool too, but I love the first--how touchable the stones seem, maybe? Dunno. It's excellent though.

  2. Beautiful! You are on aroll :)don't stop! stop playing on the blog and make more !just kidding about not playing on the blog - you make me want to go and get dirty with some ink,

  3. I love these! I haven't had much time for visiting lately, but really, really like the things you've been doing. Keep it up!