Sunday, April 21, 2013


I am being stretched by new media.  I have spent so long working in pen and ink, that I know pretty much what I can and can't do with pen and ink.  Now that I'm am doing other things, it's all about experimentation.  This is a collagraph.  I'm taking a collagraph class, and it's really really hard.  The plate for this was made with cardboard, white glue, and modeling paste.  It's too thick.  There are three layers of cardboard, the base, the rectangle the figures are on, and then the three smaller figures.  It took forever to ink--probably about 45 minutes total.  Part of me would like to ink it again, a different way, and another part says, "Well, okay, then--you learned something.  What can you do with that now?"  I've already made another plate, which I'll probably print tomorrow.....

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