Sunday, August 12, 2012

Illustration Friday: Frozen

Frozen in time. It starts so innocently. You hear a melody, a beautiful, haunting melody, from somewhere deep in the forest. And you follow it. If you happen to be a fiddler, and happen to have your fiddle with you, you'll get it out, and try to play along. And before you know it, you're lost in the fairy music, and you are lost in time. You have no idea how time is passing. It could only be moments, but it could also be centuries.

(This drawing is big, by the way (12X14")--way bigger than my scanner--which is why there is a reflection on it from photographing it.)


  1. Oh my. I would be better off being kidnapped by demons. At least we would go somewhere warm! I will try to remember not to follow an fairies. Brrrr.

  2. Just beautiful style. Lovely lines and contrast.

  3. These are beautiful drawings. I know exactly what you are saying about being antsy when you can't work, and the pressure of getting ready for classes. It sounds like we are in the same boat. Cheers!