Monday, May 30, 2011

Illustration Friday: Soaked

Okay--so I know this is from last week, but I started working on this last week, and it's honestly taken me this long. I did a lot of little sketches to develop the idea, and then got my son to model for me, then made some big sketches, and then cut them out and moved them around, and then transferred (roughly) it all to a big sheet of watercolor paper, and was all process from there. But this was way more planned and organized than most of my pieces are. I can see where I still could have used more planning, but alas, I am done now.

The topic was "soaked" and that's something you very much want to avoid when encountering skunks.

By the way, this is very large, perhaps 20" and 14 or 15". It looks better if you click on it to make it larger.....


  1. Love the energy--love their arms and expressions :-)

  2. I love the waves of skunk spray... poor people! You've got to hope that never happens to you.
    Beautifully rendered.

  3. Ewww...a soaking to be avoided! Clever! Great illustration.

  4. Hhhey, well I just watchjer Bear Grills eating a skunk last night and yowza, it looked like it tasted bad!

    You've really captured the moment here! And the expressions, it's like a flash shot at exactly thr right time.

    I really admire your process - thank you for outlining it. And I admire your professionalism.

    And thanks for the crit on that girl's head. Yes that worried me, I think I needed more bend backwards in the neck - and flatter hair!

    Always hard to get a girl sleeping with her head on a pig to look real :)

  5. Brilliant - your illustration has such impact!

  6. Full of expression and energy! I'm glad you posted it, late or not! :)

  7. You could've called it a nightmare which would've worked for "asleep". Nice of your son to pose for you. I like the gestures of this too.

  8. I agree with caroline, this illustration has real impact, love all the detail and shading