Monday, May 23, 2011

End of Old Sketchbook/Start of New Sketchbook

It's always such an accomplishment to finish a sketchbook. My goal used to be to fill one up in a year, so that I could show it all to my friend Jan when she came to visit from Portland, but I started this one in October, and I'm done now, in May. That's only 7 months, and the funny thing is that I really really like a whole lot of what's in there, and even the stuff I'm not completely crazy about, I still like in a certain kind of way. There are no pages that I hate (not that I'd get rid of them, but it's nice to not even have them.)

So these are sketches from a neighborhood mediation meeting. It was an interesting meeting, and I filled up five pages in my sketchbook, and now I've started a new one.....and here's one picture from the new one (this is from a picture, not from life, though I do know the guy....)

The pictures above are actually in the reverse order they should be.....


  1. How satisfying! Really nice sketches, I love your line work.

  2. Lovely observational drawings, your line work is great:)

  3. wonderful! I love the detail :-)

  4. Congrats on filling your sketchbook! Nice studies. I like your fiddler too. Almost inspires me to get out my own sketchbook. Almost :)

  5. I'm always totally envious of people who keep sketchbooks...never could do that myself: I'm a very goal-oriented artist, alas. I *do* have a box full of tracing paper drawings that loosely qualify, I suppose! :-) These are very nice character sketches...splash a little dark tea, smudge in a little dirt and leave them in a moldy basement for a Winter...and you could give Rembrandt a run for his money. Seriously, these are very, very nice!

    And, thank you for appreciating my Illustration Friday Balloon post and painting! I used to love seed catalogues too, before I moved to this rental built on the site of an old brick factory. Read: impossible garden dirt. So sad, and definitely not a good combination for a green-thumb person whose living on a shoestring!

    Best Summer wishes!