Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Fiddler

Don't anybody laugh now, but I had to buy a book to learn how to use my Corel Painter program, and now that my boys are on vacation with their dad, and my sweetie is out of the country for a month, now finally is the time to learn how to use it. So here's a montage (I wasn't particularly interested in using their already-provided images, so I used my own). Even though I'm sure that everyone and his dog could do something like this in Photoshop in a tiny fraction of the time it took me to do this, I learned a LOT.

This is about the magic of summer and music. And yes, this is my sweetie, whom I miss a ton!


  1. you should try adobe photoshop, that's more artistic than Corel. Good composition !!!

  2. Great composition! and I like the colors too, & the big flowers in with the musicians.

  3. Heya Theresa, wow now don't become addicted to digital media - the devil will get you :)

    Lots of great movement in this, I like how you have picked up the bow movement diagonals with the flowers, and how you have led the eye through the composition.

    I have Corel painter somewhere - you are encouraging me to get it out and learn how to use it!!!!