Saturday, July 17, 2010

Accordion Guy # 10

I don't know what to say. This is the first "accordion guy" picture I've done on the computer instead of with pen and ink. Though it's fun playing around with this digital stuff, and seeing what different effects you can get with different settings, I really miss the real stuff. It's messier.

I find it interesting though, that whatever medium a person uses, they have the same kind of basic urges. This seems very clearly MY picture, despite the fact that I made it on a computer instead of on paper.

But now I'm going to go start a paper picture.....


  1. i love the accordion... it makes me think of the tango, or riding the subway in paris. cool drawing! do you play the accordion?

  2. Yeah, I do, but it's like #3 (after fiddle and nyckelharpa--but before guitar these days), so I don't play it all that much....

  3. well, it's definitely your work!!

    You'll get used to digital.
    It's just time.
    Just remember, what ever you do on the computer never really exists
    That's the sad part.
    To print it out, well, it just removes you from the artwork, I think,

    Unless you use the print as a starting point for another artwork - eg collage.

    PS I posted some doodles after seeing yours. But they don't exist. They are just on the computer sadly...