Saturday, April 5, 2014

Intertwined Fingers

What a laborious project, and one in which you can't go back and fix something that you did earlier that didn't turn out to be the way you thought it would be....
Here's something like the final one, though I only printed five of them, and I'm thinking I may change this to a lighter color (like red) and then do some more carving, and have the dark areas much smaller for the rest.  But I'm wishing I'd made some different decisions about the white--that those areas were larger. 
Now we're going backwards.  Here are the first two colors.
And here is the first color, the light yellow, and I have no idea why this ended up looking so dark.....  I was really thinking about marks on this whole thing--wanting the marks to show for each color. 
And here's the linoleum block, before I did any cutting.