Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More little March paintings

These little paintings (all are about 4 X 6 inches) are so crudely done, but I AM learning something about color.....

...which, in these paintings, is fairly hideous, but

I've taken away a few useful thoughts, which I can maybe put into practice in the future 

(which means I should make some more of these really soon).


  1. Loving the wonderful colours you've used to define the contours. Annette x

  2. Lovely: love these expressive paintings!

  3. The first one is awesome. It reminded me of Ray Turner's Population. It came through Wichita not long ago and it was amazing. He is still building on it too and it travels all over as it grows. So interesting.

  4. How can you say these are crudely done! This style is great in its own right, the first one in particular is very powerful and they are all very strong personalities.
    The thing is that you have in mind what you were aiming for and seeing these as not achieving it, whereas I see them with a new viewer's eye and really admire them.