Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lino Faces # 38 and #39

Nope.  I am clearly not done with these.  I still have so so much to figure out.  They're getting closer to the visions in my head, but I simply don't know how to do them.  It probably would be worth my time to make some copies of some of my favorite prints--to imitate the kinds of marks and edges they have.


So, in a way, this is Round 2.  Round 1 I did for 29 Faces in September, and I printing 20 of the smallest ones together.  Now I'd like to do a block with some of these larger ones, but I don't have 16 that I like, so I'm making more, but already I see them as being different.  I hope it's growth and not degeneration.....


  1. I think the first one is a perfect portrait! Don't think it needs more carving. Apart from the grey parts I think the composition and the directions of the lines are so great. Stunning. The correction you made on the second portrait made the face a lot softer. I think it's an improvement.
    xxx Marianne

  2. I really like seeing your search and progress with your printmaking. Keep it up. Nice job!

  3. These have turned out nice. They all have their good points. I think no.3 is more natural than no.1..