Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Progressing ever onward in this print-making class.  We are now on to intaglio proper.  This week was drypoint.  We learned (again) how to bevel the edges of copper plates, only this instructor had a cool plumber's tool--oh, what did he call it?  a burr-remover, I think--that made it really really easy to do.  So much faster and less tedious than filing the edges.  And then polishing the plate so that the smooth parts print white.  And then making your drawing with a scribe.  Unfortunately, we had to leave the scribes there, and I'm not sure I have anything at home strong and sharp enough.

But here's a swamp woman.  I really wasn't done with the drawing part, but I really wanted to print it before I left, so I did.  I do love copper plates.  


  1. I think it looks fabulous!
    xxx Marianne

  2. She's looking great, really dynamic and cool looking. I haven't done copper etching (do they still call it that?) since school but it was always so fun to try out.

  3. You say it isn't finished, but it's very effective and powerful. I like the unusual angle and the intriguing tilt to the head, which are set off by the contrast of the black background behind and the white to the right.

  4. how fun that you continue to learn more about this art. I enjoy seeing each piece that you create.