Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Swans #5 & #6

I don't remember whose blog I was reading, but that person was embarking on a project of doing 100 drawings of something--heads maybe, of something particular like that.  And it's a really good idea--because it's only by doing things over and over again that you learn what you need to learn.  I've done five of these swans so far (the 4th one was dreadful, though I may work on it some more), and I've learned new things with each one.  I probably won't do 100 of them, but I'd like to do enough that I am actually comfortable and competent with this digital medium.  We'll see.

I also made one of these with gouache and water-soluable painting crayons.  I don't like it as much, but maybe I'll post that too.  Or maybe not.

This is Christmas vacation, and I thought I would do lots and lots of art, but somehow the days slip away without getting much done.  It's very strange how I get more of everything done when I am working full time.


  1. Really lovely! Both of them. I like the atmospheric textures. I doubt I could do 100 of anything though, but best of luck to you!

  2. Theme and variations is one of my favorite musical forms as well, for much the same reason; the subject becomes the creative constraint, and the variations are all individually satisfying as well part of a whole group.

  3. Beautiful! Very musical too - something by Bach would go along with these.