Friday, November 23, 2012

Illustration Friday: Zoom

Hey--I actually made an illustration for Illustration Friday.  Okay, so I didn't manage to get it in before the topic changed, but since I'm not going to do a "whiskers" picture, I thought I'd post it anyway.  Last week's topic was "zoom".  This is large (or relatively large), 11 X 15 inches, and regardless of how it turned out, I am pleased, because I had an idea, made some sketches, and then executed it, all in one day. Actually, it's not the "all in one day" thing that I am pleased about, it's the planning.  I'm usually not so good at planning.

P.S. The top half of this drawing is now inside the dog.  The dog has an unnatural fondness for watercolor paper, and I was getting lax about leaving things around where he could get them.  Darn.


  1. At first I thought they had really long wild whiskers! Then noticed it was for 'zoom'. To me it looks like their spirits or souls are zooming upward into the void. This is a beautiful piece.

    Congratulations on getting it finished and posted on IF! (It's been awhile for me too.)

  2. I love this feeling of movement contrasted with stillness.

    Your dog must be a real art connoisseur…

  3. Thats a great illustration...I like the planning bit as well...I am always pleased if I can execute a plan as I don't usually follow one.