Thursday, November 29, 2012

Exercise in lights and darks

So I was reading James Gurney's book (sorry I can't remember the name) and he was talking about a painter (whose name I also don't remember) and a painting of a windmill, and how each of the blades of the windmill was handled differently--light on dark, dark on light, dark on dark, and light on light--and how interesting that is.  So that's what this is all about.  The guy is from a picture in our local newspaper (of a local college basketball player whose name I don't remember either--though one of my students recognized him and commented upon it when walking past my desk this morning).  I made a couple little tonal sketches, and while working on this realized that I do a lot of this in my drawings anyway, but not usually all four.  Getting the light on light was the hardest.

Oh, and here's a link to a page of Gurney's blog where he talks about this:


  1. Nice know, I said it before, I love your hatching skills!!!!

  2. Heya well I have that book he does make interesting observations, he has good brains ! Yes the light on ligvht gives a wonderful glow in this one. But that hand on the right really is magnificent. I like how you experiment with your working methods - and also your work ethic. I'm trying to break out in my non digital work and I keep getting comments like "wow that's nothing like your usuaul work, I really like it" :) etc. Makes you wonder what they think of the normal work! cheers sorry I haven't been around. I see you have been very busy!