Friday, October 19, 2012

Mermaid Fiddler

So this is for the topic "Water" for Illustration Friday.  I actually started it several weeks ago and then stopped working on it, and when the topic came up, I thought, "Good, here's my chance to actually finish this."  I've been working on it all week, and I had hoped to get it done before a new topic was posted, but alas, I did not.

The problem was that I didn't work out the tones before I started, and I was frustrated because you couldn't tell what was what.  My son came in this morning as I was deciding that I was finished even though I was unsatisfied, and said, "Cool!  Oh wait, there's are THINGS in there;  I thought it was just a cool doodle of shapes."  Exactly!

I seem to have a harder time with bigger pictures.  This one is 11" X 11".  More room to get distracted and lose your focus in.

But I am done, and now I will start something for this week's "Sky" topic.


  1. I understand your point, but it was actually a pleasant surprise , when she suddenly emerged... It's a very nice illustration!

  2. interesting you should say that about bigger pictures _ have trouble with bigger paintings - the consensus is to use a bigger brush :) but I reckon they forget all the subtleties in translating to smalll to big - I think it's great youtr son diodn't see everything straight away. Sometimes that leads to a more interesting work because we get out of it what we put into it. (Os I didn't like the drips I put in my images either - they were just for fun :)

    see you!

  3. Nice post. It was the possibility that there WERE 'things in there' that had me open your image. Layering and texturing do take time, you're right. I find though, that I discover new things in the images, things I had perhaps not consciously intended, when I let the layering happen, rather than planning it out. Looking forward to seeing what you do with 'haunt'.