Monday, June 18, 2012

Cowboy Rabbi

There is absolutely nothing like having a friend visiting--the longer the better--who thinks nothing sounds like more fun than spending long, lazy afternoons making art. I started four pictures yesterday, the first of which was Illustration Friday's scary "Secret" portrait. This is the second one (and probably my favorite). I thought of him as a rabbi, but it turns out the real person is a cowboy. Regardless, he's an interesting-looking fellow, one whom I wouldn't mind spending some time with, and hearing what tales he has to tell.


  1. Just came across your blog... these are great! You have a real eye for character and detail, love the use of contrast too. Keep up the good work!

  2. I thought rabbi too when I first looked at him, but cowboy works too. I like the dark vs. light in this piece. There's always so much to look at in your work. Nice!

  3. Yes...he is a very interesting looking fellow. A very good portrait--keeps us guessing and wanting to hear the stories :)

  4. Beautiful portrait! ( but indeed I have an other idea about cowboys)
    Sounds as interesting guy , and as ERS said : "keeps us guessing and wanting to hear the stories"

  5. very nice interplay with silhouette and definition.

    Can't a rabbi be a cowboy too?
    perhaps a Rabboy.



  6. This is wonderful! Really love the squiggly silhouette.

    (also, thankyou for all your kind words. I only just noticed them.)

  7. Well at first I thought he was your visitor and I was starting to feel sorry for you and then I saw that he loved making art. The gem of this for me is that flatness of the clothes in contrats with the roundness of the hatching of the flesh. It works really well, make it modern but heads towards kath kollwitz - not that she wasn't modern.

    I'm back on my shouders again. I hope you recoverd from your sickness okay. See you soon :)