Monday, October 31, 2011

Skewed Sketches--The Pope and his People

Two skewed sketches I made during a very contentious, all-day meeting. I also made a doodle that I spent all afternoon on, which I am sparing you from having to look at.

My son and I both thought this bottom picture was really scary. When he looked at it, he said, "Now, that is really creepy! It almost looks like the pope." Well, it WAS the pope, and I agree is really looks creepy. Halloween? Definitely! Except that that is his real face.


  1. Oh yeah, the Pope scares me as well!

    Nice drawn :)

  2. Yeah, the top guy looks pretty jovial. Maybe a tiny bit loony. But the bottom guy is totally creepy and he does look just like the pope. With black eye sockets. Eeeeep.

  3. You have so totally captured the essence of both characters! Yes!!!
    The Pope IS pretty creepy looking (kind of reminds me of Uncle Fester from the Addams Family)--and you have done a superb job with this portrait. Excellent line usual!
    PS Thanks for your kind comment on my IF Scary post--that's quite a compliment, and I so appreciate it :)

  4. Love your cross stitch sketches as always. And the pope can be scary!

  5. Hehe Theresa, yes, he was especially chosen cause the last one had such a nice face. I saw an interview with this chap when he was a cardinal. If I were Catholic, after seeing that interview (he said how could people complain about the Inquisition - after all they had a chance to say something before they were put to death - that's what inquistion means - and the Cardinal had a smile on his face as he said it)

    Now, that's scary.
    Your drawings have so much life, you have manicured it down to a form where you don't have too much, nor too little. Just right :)

  6. LMBO! I love this and it is creepy! Lol!