Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doodles while doing Swedish lessons

What does one do while listening (and responding) to language lessons? You can't just sit there, can you? Does anyone? It's like talking on the phone--you HAVE to doodle. So here are a few of the doodles (done on the computer) from the first four lessons.

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  1. Hey! Oh I love your obsession with drawing, it's amazing we can concentrate on eg a language lesson while drawing, it just demonstrates how we use our brains, that there really is a right and left, it's probably a good way to dissociate the left side, and enter the zone. I like the outer two ones best, but I think that scratchboard technique of the middle one might lead somewhere eh? A slight epiphany for me!

    see you !

    sorry I am late for all your posts!