Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shadow Fiddler

Oh, the joy of messy materials! I haven't used a crow pen in quite awhile (since I got my technical pens), and I must say that it is a joy. I had been frustrated by "blobbing", but decided that was caused by the ink getting too thick rather than the pen nibs themselves. But this was such a pleasure.

I started three fiddling pictures (the other two are handanger fiddle ones, whereas this is a "regular" or "flat" fiddle.

I'm not sure that I'm done with this. Already I can see some more things I'd like to do to it.... (but if I make any substantial changes, I'll change the image here.....)


  1. I like it. Why? Because it is not "sterile" , using such pen gives more "life" into the drawing. Keep using it!!

  2. Hey wow what a great composition, it's almost religious, like a pagan halo she has, and it's all very dynamic, I think the blobs are superb and add to the zest of the work.

    Actually I think your work is sailing on new heights at the moment. You obviously are fine tuning your technique and eye and it shows admirably!

  3. Keep fiddling away! These drawings are so atmospheric, lyrical, and lively. I do admire them!

  4. so much life with just one colour: wonderful!
    thank you for your fantastic comment.