Friday, April 2, 2010

Rescue me from the Art-Doldrums!ly

It's pretty pitiful, when this is all I have to show for the past several weeks. I'd thought that I would have lots of time to make art over spring break, and while I did work on a few things, I didn't finish any of them. I just don't know where the rest of the time went. And then when I came back, it was a week of parent-teacher conferences, and NO TIME, and then 75 essays to grade, and I'm really starting to feel desperate.

So here's my small small contribution to the topic "Rescue" which I did finish (yeah, it took all of ten minutes to do), but didn't have time to scan and post.

I took today off school to get mulch for my garden from the city mulch sale, but it turns out they sold out yesterday. So after spending two hours getting and returning the truck, and making borscht (one does have to eat), and running five miles on the levee trails, I'm reading to work on art projects. YEAH!!!


  1. Hya Theresa, time to quit your job I'd say! Wonderful passage where the skin of the cheek /jaw is flattened by the hand :) Sorry I haven't been around easter ate me.