Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Illustration Friday: Renewal

This is a double "renewal." Firstly, in the midst of this extended deep-freeze and deep-snow, I'm in the need of some color, in the need of some playing. So I got out my watercolors and water-soluable painting crayons, and just played. It was SO relaxing just to make marks and see what happened. Everyone needs to do that every now and again, to recharge, and discover something new (or rediscover something old). When I do that, I usually work on four or five (or more) picture at a time, adding layers, and working on the next one as the first one dries, etc. This is just the first one that I'm calling "finished." For some reason, my scanner is doing a terrible job with colors, and I have no idea how to fix it so that it looks right again.

The second sense of renewal is the figure itself...floating in a state where she can become renewed. Again, it's something we all need. Babies are in that state while they are waiting to be born, but the rest of us need to return to it--not exactly to limbo, but to a state of relaxation, where you can feel the currents of the universe and not have to be anywhere and do anything, but can just BE. That's what it takes to feel renewed.


  1. So well put Theresa. I really do like the color and loose flow of paint going on here! Stay warm!!

  2. Nice colors and line work. I like the reds and yellows. Very expressive.

  3. Yes, I enjoy the colour, transparency, and freedom of movement in this piece. Great thoughts too! Thanks for sharing with us, Theresa. And thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful comments.