Friday, December 18, 2009


I've been reading Jos Smith's wonderful book, The Pen and Ink Book. The whole third section of it is about drawing strategies--questions you have to answer before you start drawing if you want your drawing to have any kind of unity. I've read this section before, but somehow this time it made a whole lot more sense. I stopped on the #4 question--What kind of space do you want your drawing to have? --and really studied his discussion and examples, because I think that that is something I've been confused about for at least twenty five years of my life. I make drawings or paintings, and I'm not really sure whether I'm wnting some kind of deep space or some kind of flatter, more decorative space. I've had instructors tell me that something or another isn't working, but no one really explained that. I think I'm on the verge, finally, of an answer, which will help my process enormously.

This is a tiny tiny drawing, but probably here it looks the same size as the bigger ones.


  1. I absolutely love that book. It is so inspiring. Nice drawing!

  2. hi theresa - great interview with steve! your work is terrific! i live in lawrence, too, and love the art community here. happy holidays to you!