Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Selling Stuff?

I've never done this before, and it doesn't feel right, but I'm making about a dozen of my drawings into cards.  I have no idea how much to ask, but I need to figure it out by Saturday for the Holiday Farmers' Market.  Hopefully I can sell enough to cover expenses.  Hopefully I can sell enough to help pay for the (minimal this year) gift buying.  Ideally I could sell enough to contribute to my son's college fund.  It's really tight.

I never thought I 'd be someone who sold art, and I guess if no one buys anything, I will still won't be, but I never thought I'd try.  It's an odd feeling.  The people who have seen them so far really really like them, and I must admit that I do too....


  1. I think this is an excellent idea - why not beautify the world a little more with your art, right? :)

  2. Good stuff, nice to see. Just remember, never value your art by whether you sell it or not!

  3. I think selling your art is just one part of living the whole experience, which for me is worth it. You should go full speed on this, you'll never know what lies ahead, right? Thanks for your lovely comments, by the way, your work is great! Hugs x