Saturday, October 5, 2013

More linocut faces

And I thought I was done with these faces--HA!  It seems not.   What I seem to be working on now is the grays--or rather the lines that make up the grays.  I tried a little of that before, but I see that the direction of the lines makes all the difference in the world, and I obviously need a whole lot more practice. 
These top two (#30 and #31, if one were counting) are from reference photos I took myself--pretty much for the sole purpose of using them as reference photos.  I wonder if the people in the pictures would be interested in a print of themselves--not that they look all that much like the person anyway.  I know I would like one. 
And, oh, the simplicity of straight black and straight white.  What a joy that is!  It's so much faster to cut, and so much simpler to deal with and think about, and I do like the results.
But no--I think I need to work on this some more......


  1. Nr. 30 is GREAT!!! What a face! The others are pretty too, but I think 30 is the best. Great that you are still making linocut faces. Have a nice weekend,
    xxx Marianne

  2. Each one has so much character, I see them as a bruiser, a joker, a smiler and a thinker! I do prefer just black and white for the impact, but can see the value of including greys.
    I think you are a thinker and that you examine each piece of work and analyse it carefully, deciding what you like and what you can do to improve and develop your technique. I don't know what you teach, but I think you must be a great teacher.

  3. I always wanted to do some linocuts. Your faces are inspiring!