Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fear #1

This is for a challenge--"fear."  But this is obviously way way way too bright.  Part of it is the way it scanned, which I'll try to fix, but part of it is the colors themselves....

Here it is, washed over and then dabbed with a paper towel--much more the feeling I was after.

...but it captured it so well that I can't stand to even look at this.  Usually I prop pieces up where I can look at them during the days--sometimes that unexpected glimpse will show me things that I couldn't tell otherwise.  But not this one.  It got put away immediately.  I don't WANT to see it!


  1. Oh, I know that feeling. I painted something that made me sick to my stomach. I threw it away. Maybe there's something healing or teaching in doing something like that though? Good for you to face fear enough to paint it. I really like your intaglio too.

  2. You are right, it does work, congratulations!