Saturday, January 19, 2013

Illustration Friday: Myth

I made eight of these dancing couples (all different) for a project I'm doing, silhouettes with the gouache resist with india ink, and this is the last one, where, when I started running it under warm water to wash off the gouache, it developed such a cool pattern that I had to stop and let it dry, just like this.  It makes me want to redo all the others to see if I can get a similar effect (though it's not what I need for my project).

This feels mythic to me.  Dance feels mythic.  Primal.  And this somehow for me catches some of that nature.


  1. This is fantastic, it really is a great effect. I love serendipitous events like this.

    I can't remember where in Kansas you live....I am in Wichita.

  2. fantastic effect - you should really play around with that technique some more!

  3. So cool and mysterious...great job! I remember working with this technique years ago put I never got this effect. I hope we will see more posted...