Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meeting Sketches

No time for making art--just meetings. So these are meeting sketches. It's interesting drawing people in meetings. They move, all the time, even the ones who LOOK like they're sitting really still. So you have to keep waiting for them to go back to their original position--or the one that you determined was the "default" position. It's a rough kind of exercise, but okay.

I find that I am ALWAYS looking at the planes on people's faces, and the angles and contours and volumes of people, whether I am drawing them at the moment or not. I wonder how long I'd have to quit drawing before I would stop doing that. Or maybe, the reason I am compelled to draw is because I do that all the time (and I think that I always have)....

SO, though I'd like to do some REAL art projects (surely surely surely I can start something this weekend), I AM drawing.....


  1. nice - you've captured the meeting vibe with some great lines & gestures

  2. These are beautiful sketches (and real art !). I too spend much time staring at strangers' faces in the public transports. These shadows have so much to say...