Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two in one day

I'm not entirely sure I like the direction these are going in, but it does seem to be what's happening these days. They're feeling too fussy, somehow. But all of the reference photos are my own--yeah!--so if I ever become famous I can legally sell these pieces (haha). I've been wanting to do that too (take my own reference photos, not sell my pieces--who'd want them anyway. I donated one to a silent auction, and it went for $10, and I was really bummed, because the person who got it probably never even did anything with it; I mean, who would, with something you bought for $10. It's better to just give drawings away to friends, who somehow, miraculously, still have them up on the wall 25 years later). There are so many interesting faces out there, and I'd like to draw them all. But they require some pretty particular kind of lighting (not that this one has it, but the last one did). So of course I should take my own reference photos.


  1. Your work is good Theresa.

    A buyer is someone who wants the picture. You have to make them want it. Why would they want it ? The easy one if they can approach it personally. In this case the sitter, the sitters family, a music teacher, the violin maker - as examples.

    I sell paintings of my locality. If I drove thirty miles away and tried to sell them I would sell none. Price or selling something is unrelated to the artistic qulaity of a work.

    The other thing is that this needs to be framed. Just get a few frames made and keep swapping the work that you do in the frame. It's a good way to show off a work - and sell it.

    You're a good artist. Never despair.

  2. I agree with Andrew, I think you're an amazing artist, your attention to details, is off the chart and I love the line quality of your work. Your audience is out there! :)