Monday, February 21, 2011

Guitar Guy

I need to be making pictures! It's so hard to start them. Too much going on. Too much stress. Too much tension. I do so much better when I can exercise every day, when I get enough sleep, when I can work in my garden, and when I can MAKE ART!

But as far as this week's Illustration Friday topic goes--LAYER--almost all of my pictures are layered. I start with a pencil sketch, then use a mask over the areas that are going to be white, and then spatter the whole thing with ink, then take the mask off, and use technical pens for the rest. I love layers. I love texture.

I don't particularly like THIS picture, but it's what I do. Layers produce texture, and life is all about textures. Life is not a clear clean arrow through time, but a thick texture of experience.


  1. wow - impressive work...great use of line

  2. Love that. The cross hatching looks so great it makes such a fun texture. I also love the expression on the character's face.

  3. Hey well you bin busy ! Thanks for describing your technique. I'm so used to digital work that I never ask myself how people work in real life. I really need to get back to real life.

    well the flow of the hair in this is superb, it really gets the dynamics happening, we feel the music in the image - it's a hard thing to do but you have nailed it in this one.